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Within the framework of the National Strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI/NSIA), and through the call for tenders POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 3 – OS 8 – AZIONE 8.2., the plan involving Southern Pesaro and Ancona Apennine Areas – with the 9 participant Municipalities, and Unione Montana del Catria e Nerone leading the project – has brought to life an effective collaboration between cultural and tourism enterprises and local Authorities. The project aims at promoting the valorization of an excellent cultural heritage by highlighting synergically the local singularities, involving the subjects capable of representing the high values and qualities of the hilly and mountainous territory of the Northern Marches, and the inhabitants' creativity and warmheartedness.

The original project scope of Asili d’Appennino, broadly speaking intended as places of welcome and hospitality, has been fulfilled through “ALTE MARCHE CREATIVE – Cuore accogliente dell’Appennino” (THE CREATIVE NORTHERN MARCHES – The Welcoming Heart of the Apennines), the network of culture and creativity places whose values in terms of historical and architectural heritage are revived, so that the area is supported with new functions while preserving its typical features, innovating the tradition, the artistic expression, the environmental qualities, the knowledge and skills. Nine remarkable buildings and historical sites – castles, museums, mansions, and characteristic places – form a strictly organized system adding strategic and community values to all the initiatives and events.

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