Acqualagna Truffle Museum represents the year-round reference point whatever you wish to learn about the precious mushrooms, and everything and anything related.
For this reason the Museum offers the opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy through classes and tastings, and complete the experience with excursions and truffle hunting. It provides fun and didactic occasions for school and adult groups, and also schedules entertainment events enriching the community calendar between late October and early November weekends (National White Truffle Fair), in February (Regional Fine Black Truffle Fair), and in August (Regional Summer Truffle Fair).



The ancient Palazzo Ubaldini is the perfect location for the scientific collections of inestimable value exploring the entire history of life on the planet.
A visit to the Museum of Fossils and Minerals of Monte Nerone is a true immersion in prehistoric times, an experience that can be extended also outdoor, for those who wish to enjoy independent geological and paleontological excursions along the suggestive paths up Monte Nerone, or upon request for families, schools, and groups. Expert geologists and Ecotourist Guides are ready to accompany you and turn a walk into an intense cultural experience.



Palazzo dei Priori in Arcevia will be the location for the project “Vive il teatro", a theatre program intended for Education, New Generations, and Community purposes.
The rich cultural offerings range from theatre to art, culture, tourism, eno-gastronomy. Performances, workshops, residences, and events are realised involving professional theatre companies from all over the country, students, educators, tourists, and the local community.
Within the Asilo of Arcevia, the Misa Theatre is the historic theatre in town housing the various activities where the theatre language weaves together with other cultural fields producing original combinations.

TORRIONE (Great Tower) AND SOCCORSO COVERTO (Sheltered Walkway)


The Great Tower embodies a major symbol of the town identity due to its unique appearance, its central position, and also as it represents the important historic heritage of the town. Today it hosts a unique concentration of very high-quality and suggestive artworks.
The contemporary art sculptures housed in the typical interiors of the fortress, the tunnels, the embrasures, the handwritten words of the guards give the place an unparalleled charm. A mysterious hidden passage leads to a natural terrace overlooking the city while adding space to the Archaeological Museum. The place inspires and offers perfect locations for guided visits, storytelling, entertainment and didactic activities, and unique events.

COMPLESSO DI SANT'AGOSTINO (Complex of Saint Augustine)


Talking of the Crowd is talking of the people, the customs and the history of Cantiano. Therefore the Museum provides a chance for the visitors to enter the world of the Passion Play, and discover the fascinating historical background and its links with the Flaminian Way, the close Umbrian and Franciscan religious influence, the local food tradition, and the strong community capable of staging such a great popular performance. Especially at Easter time, during the summer, during the Horse Fair (second and third Sundays of October), and the Piazza del Gusto (first weekend of May), the Museum presents entertainment and didactic activities, guided tours, and ehibitions.

CASTELLO DELLA PORTA (Castel of the Door)


The Castle of Frontone, when viewed from a distance and from different perspectives, appears sometimes like a lighthouse showing the way through the hills and mountains, and sometimes puzzlingly like a ship with a Martinian bow (that is, in the style of Francesco di Giorgio Martini) parting the green waves of the hills and the blue ones of the sky. In any case, an important reference point and an irreplaceable resource. The exhibitions, performances, entertainment, food and wine events, historical reenactments, banquets and other formal occasions, guided tours for students and adults, and the didactic activities held at the Castle, all take advantage of its unquestionable appeal and prestige, always giving a good reason to come back.



Discovering Brancaleoni Castle means getting lost in a fantastic and unexpected labyrinth of courtyards, vaults, rooms, and halls running the one after the other in a surprising location. This place holds various collections: the Museum of Ancient Traditions, the ceramics exhibition, a numismatic collection, the ornithological section displaying typical local specimens, the Museum of fossils of Monte Nerone, the speleological setting dedicated to the findings from the nearby grottoes, including a reconstruction of a cave bear. But the rich context also frames meetings and food events, especially in the summer and during the typical local festivals such as the Festa dei Brutti (Festival of the Ugly), The Mushroom Show, and the Processione delle Rocche (Procession of the Distaffs).

PALAZZO DEGLI SCALZI (Palace of the Discalced)


Palazzo degli Scalzi will be equipped with professional audio and video appliances to realize multimedia works, accessible to artists who wish to create their artworks on site. On the second floor of the building a comfortable residential area will be available, with rooms and large common areas where ideas and projects will naturally meet, mix and interact, and eventually give life to exhibitions, didactic workshops, dramatized tours. The ancient building therefore will be converted into a real residence and nurture all sorts of creative thinking and expressions.


Serra Sant'Abbondio

The visit to the Umbrian & Marchigian Heritage Ecomuseum is a captivating experience. The journey begins with a collection of archaeological finds proving these valleys were already inhabited over 5,000 years ago, and continues covering ancient mule tracks and coalman trails that even nowadays connect the castles, abbeys, and hermitages such as Fonte Avellana, certainly the most famous.
The Ecomuseum tells the story of a territory where thrilling historical and nature explorations can be enjoyed, both independently and in groups. Expert Ecotourist Guides will accompany you upon request, and make you live unforgettable experiences.

The organization reserves the right to change opening days and hours.

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