Serra Sant'Abbandonio – The Umbrian & Marchigian Heritage Ecomuseum

In the town centre an ecomuseum will be opened, dedicated to the history and present identities of the Apennine communities of the territory. It is a cultural and human heritage made of ancient knowledge and crafts, customs and cultural values passed down from generation to generation.
The unique and balanced relationship with the natural environment is the most important and lively community's legacy, that the ecomuseum is intended to preserve and promote both for the locals and for tourism purposes.
A number of archaeological remains has been uncovered, linked to Celtic, and Umbria-Picenum civilizations, today hosted at the municipal building. The famous Hermitage of Fonte Avellana stands out nearby, whose origins date back to the end of 10th century.

Corso Dante s.n.
61040 Serra Sant’Abbondio (PU)
Info e orari:
T+39 0721 700226
M +39 335 1230615

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