Palazzo Ubaldini – Musum of fossils and minerals of Monte Nerone

The Museum of Fossils and Minerals of Monte Nerone is located within the suggestive frame of Palazzo Ubaldini vaults, that is where once laundry rooms, stables, pantries, storage rooms, and armouries used to be.
The museum conserves not only the important paleontologic collection of local materials (of high scientific value), but also fossils from other regions, both Italian and foreign, such as remains of saurs, paleomammals, etc. (bears, saber-toothed tigers, and so on). Explanatory panels tell of geological, environmental, and landscape features characterizing the original territories which the collections come from.
In order to link the didactic potential of the museum to the local emergencies, the project also focuses on some Apecchio administrative areas, notably of Monte Nerone, through equipped thematic itineraries connecting the museum exhibit and its themes with the vast and articulated territory that is one of the world's major areas of geological interest. Through the synergy with the museum, the improved educational effectiveness, and also experimental practices (e.g. experiment archaeology), field experience will be gained on subjects whose comprehension requires a direct contact with the natural world.

Piazza S. Martino
61042 Apecchio (PU)
Info e orari:
T +39 0722 989004 int 5
T+39 0721 700226
M +39 335 1230615

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