Sassoferrato – Palazzo degli Scalzi (Palace of the Discalced) – Residenza creativa

Located in the heart of the town, Palazzo degli Scalzi (Palace of the Discalced – former Palazzo Merolli) is a 17th-century complex housing the MAM'S Contemporary Art Gallery. The museum displays over 600 artworks (about the half also available in digital format) out of a total collection of appoximately 3,000 from the long-standing “G.B. Salvi" Prize, and represents a uniqueness in the region, being the only art gallery exclusively dedicated to contemporary art.
The museum entirely occupies the first floor of the historical palace, also including a large convention room and offices. On the other hand, the ground floor usually houses temporary exhibitions, offices, a co-working space, a bookshop, and an inner courtyard equipped with a stage for performances, concerts, and presentations. The museum will be provided shortly with professional audio and video appliances to realize multimedia works, accessible to artists who wish to create their artworks on site and lodge at the rooms on the second floor, where a comfortable residential space will be set up. A real oasis dedicated to contemporary art intended to encourage constant and productive exchange among a variety of art forms.

Piazza Gramsci, 1
60041 Sassoferrato (AN)
Info e orari:
T +39 0732 956257
M +39 333 7301732
+39 333 7300890

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