Itinerary of the Gorges

The Gola del Furlo needs no presentation: it is known in Italy and abroad for the majesty of its landscapes, an alpine environment of the first magnitude. The very high walls overlooking the turquoise waters of the Candigliano river are something surprising for those arriving from the Adriatic coast. Upstream of the gorge, the turquoise-colored watercourse divides into several branches and all give rise to gorges, canyons, gorges, channels, in a sort of small “canyonland". In these gorges lives a population of notable birds of prey, which includes Eagle Owl, Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle. The latter is present in the area with several pairs, one of which has always nested in the Gola del Furlo. It is a pair of the most studied in the world and the powerful cameras placed at a proper and respectful distance, allow you to follow the nesting online. As often happens in Italy, history is part of nature, the Furlo gorge is crossed by the Roman consular road “Flaminia”; inside the gorge, imposing wall support works frame two rare road tunnels, made at different times by the Romans themselves. Just outside the gorge, viaducts and other viable structures, always made with large ashlars of local stone. Truly something unique, so much so that, in 2001, the State Reserve of the Gola del Furlo was established, which includes the two mountains between which the gorge itself is set: Monte Pietralata (889m) and Monte Paganuccio (976m).

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