Professionals within the CEA Environmental Education Center, managed by Coop La Macina Terre Alte, have lent their professionalism to create and enhance itineraries in the area closely connected with the cultural contents of the Fossil Museum of Monte Nerone. Considering this museum as the epicenter, visitors will be able to continue the experience on the territory by choosing from purely naturalistic proposals where to deepen aspects related to paleontology, geology, geomorphology and ecology, or exquisitely historical archaeological centered on the Renaissance history that have characterized up to the present day the communities in the area of Monte Nerone and the upper valley of the Metauro River.

The itineraries can be enjoyed on foot with trekking boots, but also by MTB and EMTB, in one case we offer a captivating experience in a sit-on-top canoe or rafting dinghy. Some of these itineraries are connected to the museum in Apecchio and others to the CEA Environmental Education Centers, still others are more distant but easily accessible, all the proposed itineraries fall within a perimeter of less than 15/20 km.

For those who have mobility problems, specifically dedicated itineraries have been designed, previously tested by people with special needs, who have tested their feasibility and the different possibilities of use.

All the itineraries are suitable for both primary and secondary school children and experts for high-level scientific insights aimed at university research and academic studies relating to disciplines such as: geology, paleontology, archeology, ecology, anthropology, and so on.

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